About the Patient Participation Group

Did you know:

  • A Patient Participation Group provides a route for patients to advise and inform their chosen Practice on what matters to patients and to help identify solutions to problems.
  • SPMG’s Patient Group is a very active group of individuals dedicated to serving the wider patient interest, not just their own.

Our Patient Group aims to:

  • Improve healthcare for Patients through a joint approach.
  • Help patients to access the group and express their views.
  • Provide feed back on proposals for change.
  • Help the Practice to provide information.
  • Encourage health education activities.
  • Encourage access to appropriate services.
  • Source suitable funding as appropriate.
  • Act as a representative group.
  • Be impartial and objective at all times.

View information from the National Association for Patient Participation.

Join Our Patient Group

We are always looking for ways to improve our service to you. To help in this process we would invite you to join our Patient Group.

If you would be interested in participating you can ask at reception.


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