Patient Participation Group 2018-2019

April 2018

The knit and natter group with their needles red hot began supporting Babies with HIV in Africa. Babies known locally in Africa as “Fish and chip” babies because nurses historically wrapped them in newspaper to keep them warm. The ladies knitted jerkin and hat sets for distribution through charitable organisations. ( See attached photos) they will continue to support this wonderful group……………….Here is an exert from the thank you letter:

Thank you for the generous donations of the knitted hats and jerkins from the volunteer knitting group.

Today was Mother’s Day in South Africa and we, as Rotary Club of Century City (Cape Town), were lucky enough to partner with another group called Embrace Organisation to hand out goodies to the new mothers at Mitchell’s Plain District Hospital (Cape Town). Mitchell’s Plain is a community in need, and to quote Sister Noah of the Mitchell's Plain District hospital "Mitchell's Plain has different layers. There are different socio-economic levels and all the sins of the world are in this community. Drug addition, high crime rate and high birth rate - we see it here. Burden of disease - see it all in this hospital."

The knitted items were included in the goodie bags, which were then handed out. The goodie bags consisted of various items – nappies, baby grows, baby shampoo, menstrual pads, chocolates and various other items for both mom and baby. I must say though – the knitted jerkins and hats were most definitely the most stylish items in the bags, and so appreciated by the moms, especially as we are going into winter now in South Africa, and Cape Town winters can get quite icy!

May 2018

Walking for health- Our first walk began 1st May, In participation with Active Northumberland and Walking for health, supported by many of our PPG members but led by Dr D Warrington. Please attached the following patient testimonial below: At the inaugural Health-walk from Seaton Park Medical Centre, seven walkers of varied abilities and ages completed 1.1 miles in a very enjoyable manner. The walk was extremely gratifying for all involved and allowed each of us to proudly exclaim - “I did it! “.

Personally, I walked along paths I had never noticed before. I also enjoyed many conversations with my fellow walkers and people relaxing in their gardens, enjoying the same lovely morning as us.

Knit and Natter Group News

The knit and natter group had two wonderful visitors this morning, representatives of the Great North Air Ambulance who were receiving a cheque for £400 raised by the group.

Knit and Natter Group

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