Zero Tolerance Policy

The Practice operates a 'Zero-Tolerance' policy towards inappropriate behaviour or language.

We would hope that this would be an uncommon event and where things had gone wrong we could address any areas of disagreement, before removal became necessary.

However if doctors, their colleagues, their staff and other patients feel threatened or have actually been subject to violence or racist or otherwise discriminatory behaviour or abuse of any sort we will have no alternative but to ask for removal of perpetrators of such actions from our practice list.

We would also seek removal from the practice list of anyone who has been dishonest or deceitful in their dealings with the practice or if we feel that relationships have broken down with a significant number of staff so that continuing to provide care would become impractical

Removal of a patient or family from the doctors list, would be carried out under the guidelines issued by the General Medical Council and Royal College of General Practitioners and under most circumstances a full explanation would be provided.